With Florfit, the common concept of planting is altered and it becomes more similar to paving. Excavation, digging or indeed any type of preparation is not required. The mat is simply laid on the surface, like a small carpet. A good watering of the entire surface once laid completes the installation.

This ease of laying means that specially trained or qualified staff are not required to lay Florfit as the plants already form the mat frame. The distribution of varieties, and colours in the case of special designs, is undertaken in the nursery therefore avoiding incorrect identification and combination when planting. All of these factors permit a substantial saving in laying time when it comes to planting.

In addition, Florfit allows the possibility of planting in locations that were previously nearly impossible or where the cost of labour prohibited it (very steep slopes, areas where labour was impossible, surfaces with minimal soil covering and excessively stony ground...) Florfit has also demonstrated its effectiveness in planting areas with limited and difficult access in terms of road traffic, such as roundabouts and central reservations.